Since Easter last year 500,000 people in the UK have visited food banks – this startling figure represents mums, dads and children facing the reality of hunger.

Together we’ve taken a stand to say that, in the seventh richest country in the world, it is not okay that thousands of families may not be able to eat tonight.

What a week it’s been!

Things kicked off on Thursday, when a letter from 27 bishops expressing a deep and genuine concern at the nation’s hunger crisis made front page news. A flurry of tweets with #endhungerfast followed, and the campaign had gained public attention.

Just a few hours later, and we had public backing from the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. The day ended with food banks and welfare reforms being hotly debated on BBC’s Question Time.

In the days that have followed, journalists and politicians haven’t let the issue lie. And yesterday, Reverend Keith Hebden announced that he will going without food for a whole forty days in solidarity with the thousands going hungry in Britain

Together we’ve taken a first step to putting hunger on the political agenda, challenging society as a whole to stop, reflect on the hunger that is growing in Britain and act to end it.

But our work doesn’t stop here. We need to keep getting the message out there that we want to end hunger fast and we need to draw many more people into the campaign. So far over 1,000 of us have pledged to fast, can you help us reach 5,000?

Please invite your friends, family, members of congregations to sign up. The symbolism of thousands of people fasting against hunger cannot be missed, the opportunity to engage people sincerely in a period of reflection and challenge is one we must take.

If you’re interested in helping out in the running of this campaign as we move forward, either by championing it in your area or potentially helping out with the central team please emails us at