We are calling on all people to support the End Hunger Fast campaign by taking part in a prolonged fast over the period of lent. View our Fasting page by clicking here, and get in contact with us to let us know what you are planning.

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Other types of fasting

If you would like to do more than just join the national day of fasting, there are plenty of other ways to fast. Have a look at the below, or get in contact using the form below and let us know about any other types of fast that you shall be taking part in.

Miss a meal every day

Some people choose to just miss one meal, if they’ve never fasted before and feel uncertain or have decided to fast for more than a day – for example: missing lunch for a week

Fast between dawn and dusk

The traditional Muslim fast, from Dawn till dusk is a great challenge and gives your digestives system a break without causing it strain. This is a fast from food and water so it needs to be done with great care, making sure you are hydrated before and break your fast with a drink of water.

3-day foodbank challenge

A 3 day foodbox provides a nutritionally balanced cereal based breakfast, a main meal and a snack meal for each day. Trussell Trust ask people to donate good quality brands to avoid high concentrations of salt, sugar and additives. Why not see if you can feed yourself and your family properly for £2.50 each a day for 3 days?

Giving up a food group

Giving up a particular type of food, for example sugar or meat, can be another way to take part. Giving up luxury goods can be a safe and educational method of fasting and is one that is particularly associated with the period of Lent

 Prolonged fasting

Going for longer than 24 hours without food can be dangerous to your health, so must be approached with caution. There is a long history of fasting as a form of protest in the form of the hunger strike. We would like to encourage anyone that wishes to undertake a prolonged fast to get into contact with us