The rise of hunger is all of our responsibility, tackling it demands action from individuals across the UK and government too.

Here below is a list of actions you can take to play your part in tackling hunger, both by supporting local food aid programmes and challenging government to play its part.

Hunger and Justice

Government has a key role to play in tackling hunger.

The three major drivers of hunger in Britain today are rising food prices, stagnant wages and incompetence in and changes to the welfare system.

Over 45% of those using food banks have gone there because of benefit delay or sanction, in other words as a direct consequence of government policy or inaction. Government has a major role to play in setting the minimum wage and there has never been a substantial government investigation into rapidly rising food prices and what could be done to tackle them.

Make your voice heard and challenge government to act by:

1. Pledging to fast on April 4thx and encourage your friends, family and neighbors to do the same

2. Share your pledge to fast on April 4th, or to undertake another type of fast, with your MP and call on them to take action against rising food prices, stagnant wages and failures in the welfare system that leave people hungry

3. Share your fasting activity with the press. Find statistics on malnutrition in local area – and write a letter to your local paper calling out your local MP

4. Most importantly contact Ian Duncan Smith, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions with direct responsibility for the welfare system and call on him to make sure it serves as a robust last line of defence against hunger

Make your contribution to stop people going hungry by:

1. Donating to your local food bank, this can be in cash or in food. While there are lots of charities providing food aid out there one of the largest networks is the Trussell Trust, you can give to them here.

2. Volunteer time at your local food bank helping run the centre, raise funds and collect, store and supply food boxes. You will often be abl to find your local food bank here.