End Hunger Fast have responded to the Faculty of Public Health letter, published today in the Lancet and co-signed by over 170 leading public health and food policy experts.

Revd Dr Keith Hebden, spokesperson for End Hunger Fast said, “The most senior health professionals confirm our worst fears regarding this national crisis of hardship and hunger but they go even further. It is evident to them, as it was to the bishops, church leaders, and the thousands who campaigned and fasted with us that food bank use is only an one indicator among many: just the tip of the iceberg.

“Again and again people of all faiths and of good faith have invited David Cameron and Ian Duncan Smith to join the debate that is raging across the country but they choose, instead, a denial of the problem. The seventh wealthiest country in the world shouldn’t see households in hardship, hunger, and harassed by the state. No one should go hungry in Britain. We can and should bring about real and lasting hope and change.”

“Awakened from their complacency by this indicting report I hope that the leaders of the main political parties will finally respond to the invitation given by nearly 50 bishops and over 600 church leaders, to meet with an End Hunger Fast delegation soon and discussed real solutions to our national, moral crisis.”