Social Media Joins in National Day of Fast

April 4th marked a national day of Fast for people around the country. It was an amazing show of solidarity with those affected by food poverty, as over 2,000 people nationwide signed up to get involved.

And across the web, messages of support for our fasters poured in. Many more people chose to take a photo of their own empty plates to symbolise the choice facing thousands for people in the UK who go without food.

Keith Hebden shared his empty plate as part of his Forty Day Fast

Keith empty plate

Many more followed his example, joining the fast and expressing their support for the hungry

London Quakers chose to show their support with a unique, foodless picnic.

The day proved to be a fantastic success as volunteers and fasters spread the message: hunger cannot be allowed to continue.

Finally, all that is left to say is a massive thank you to everybody who took part. Remember the campaign continues throughout Lent, and the fight against food poverty cannot stop!